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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for a list of questions that people often ask about Flirt Hair Extensions.

If you have a question that is not answered below, please Contact Us! and we’ll help you out.

Remy hair is extremely high quality, real human hair that is collected in a way that keeps all the strands aligned in their natural direction.

Remy hair is not treated with chemicals or dyes. It is 100% pure, natural hair.

If you’re not sure which length to order, simply start your measurement from the base of your skull. This is where your Flirt Hair Extension will sit when fitted correctly.

Yes! However, because lightening can cause damage, we recommend that Flirt Hair be darkened. If colour is needed, choose a colour that is lighter than your own, and go darker.

It is also recommended that a test strand is done somewhere that you cannot see on the piece. Make sure this is done by a professional and by using professional colouring products. Colouring information is provided with each hair extension upon request.

Yes! Flirt Hair Extensions are easy to put up. After fitting it to your head as normal, simply flip them upside down on the back of your head and use Flirt’s longer, thicker hair on top of your head. They create fantastic ponytails! Perfect for amazing up-do’s! They can be used to create a breathtaking braid! Add a flower or two for wonderful effect!

We do not recommend swimming with your hair extension in. Wet hair becomes very heavy and can drag the extension’s invisible support wire past its yielding point.

We don’t recommend that you do, however if you think you may fall asleep, we suggest placing in a ponytail or braid first in order to avoid any possibility of tangling.

If you have a “long bob” the hair extension can be blended well. They do not work in very short hair, because you need longer layers to blend with the piece. Chin length is the shortest Flirt recommends.

The extension sits gently around your head like an invisible crown of hair. It is designed to fit the shape of your head perfectly, in between layers of your natural hair. It will not move, or come off even in a hurricane! Or swinging from the chandeliers!

Flirt does not use any clips, glue, or anything that attaches to your hair.

No. While other methods of extensions can cause damage to your hair, and take a lot of maintenance, Flirt Hair takes only seconds and is damage free. Our method sits on your head like a crown and your hair comfortably holds it securely in place.

Yes, it certainly will!

After fitting the Flirt Hair Extension on your head, we recommend that you have it “blended” by a stylist. This may include trimming, razoring, contouring to your face frame & connecting layers. These simple alterations will make your Flirt Hair Extension blend right in!

Yes! Because Flirt uses real 100% Indian Remy Hair, they can be shampooed, conditioned and treated. You do not need to wash them often. We recommend using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. A moderate amount of oils are good for your extensions to keep them smooth, as they do not receive natural oils from the scalp (as your own hair does).

When ready to blow dry, make sure to use products to protect your hair from the heat, such as serums or sprays. Flirt Hair can be air-dried if preferred, however the air-drying process naturally takes longer.

We recommend that you wash and dry your Flirt Hair Extension when you first receive it. Cleaning it will make its volume increase like natural hair. It also removes the conditioning protectorate used for the travelling process.

Yes! You can style your Flirt Hair Extension as you like. Be sure to use heat-protecting products in order to keep them healthy as long as possible.

When using heated appliances of any kind on the Flirt Hair Extension, be sure to keep the heated appliance away from the filament (“invisible support wire”).

They are currently available at a local salon or spa near you. Check our website for details. Most of them encourage a free consultation to ensure the product is right for you.

Alternatively, your stylist can order directly from our website, FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

Our invisible support wire can hold up to 17lb in weight. That is pretty strong. However, everything has a yielding point, so if for any reason you need to replace the wire, there are YouTube clips that show you how easy it is to do it. At each end of the weft are tiny hidden brown elastics, that the wire is threaded through, and attached to at each end.

For hygienic reasons, Flirt Hair Extensions can only be exchanged if they are returned in their original packaging, with the security tabs intact.

Exchanges will be offered within 7 (seven) days of purchase. Defective product will be replaced in the original colour and length of purchase.

All postage and packing costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.